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I've ordered sub zero part 6220330. Was not clear that it was backordered. I called them 3 weeks later, told me it's going to take 2 more weeks for them to ship it. 1 week after, the order got cancelled because the part is "No Longer Available". Called them and they nicely told me that they can't help. Customer support was polite but helpless. Not a good business model. Will not do business with them in the future. I've wasted a lot of time with... Read more

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“Ordered Maytag dryer parts on Saturday 11/28,. I check my bank statement and saw a pending transaction; all is well. Received pkg on Tuesday 12/1. Wow, that was quick. Here comes the problem. Today, 12/5, I check my statement again, and see two POSTED transactions for the same amount. I call PartStore, and of course, it's a third party from a foreign country. All he could say is, "Don't worry, we'll take care of it." But he couldn't tell me how... Read more

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These guys have no idea what they are doing. Can't believe Bestbuy lets them operate like children. I have asked them 3 times for a rma and they give me the runaround. After 3 business days and the weekend, they did not shipping, so I requested to cancel my order. Then I get an email that it was shipped many days ago. Clearly one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. This outfit is out of control! I think I'm going to have to refuse the... Read more

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I ordered a replacement remote control for a Sanyo Plasma TV. I was sent one for an Insignia that didn't work. I called and first I was told they would send a new one. Then after a short wait, I was told that I had to be refunded which would take two billing cycles. I was then told if I wanted the correct one I had to pay for it again now. I told the person that I wasn't playing that game and I would wait for the refund before I order again.... Read more

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Ordered a 2-pack water filter and received email confirmation of 2-pack filter order processing. However, they shipped one. And now they argue that I only ordered one when the part number I ordered ended in 2 (1 pack does not have a number.) And I have the email confirmation that I ordered a 2 pack. Customer Service states no your ordered one pack. And that there's no way I can forward my received email stating differently. Customer Service... Read more

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I ordered an ice maker for a Whirlpool side-by-side, and was having difficulty finding the right part on their web site, so I called "customer service" to ensure that I was ordering the correct part. I started to worry a bit when the person on the other end of the call didn't seem to be very fluent in English. Sure enough, when the part arrived, it was at least two inches too wide to fit the opening in the freezer. I called customer service to... Read more

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I ordered a part for my printer and after waiting for two weeks for the part to arrive, they shipped a completely different part from what I had ordered. When called them I was then told I would have to ship the incorrect part back to them and then wait 5 to 7 weeks for a refund to be issued and then I could reorder the correct part. Also, they almost immediately offered up a $5 gift card for my trouble. That does not solve the problem and... Read more

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I ordered parts and specifically asked about in stock/back order status. I was guaranteed in stock with 5 to 7 day arrival. A week later I am now looking at back order status with at least another two weeks of waiting. I asked for expedited shipping if they ever do get the part, DENIED. They have no idea as to if the part you are ordering is in stock, yet they guarantee they have the parts to get your order. I do not recommend using these 3rd... Read more

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I ordered a Ground Wire for a Technics Turntable from I waited a week for the part to arrive only to find in the box a rubber sleeve for "something". The part number on the packing slip was correct but the part number on the bag holding the part was something totally different. Calling customer service, I got a woman who spoke broken English. It was a nightmare trying to communicate with this person. To make matters worse,... Read more

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"Very disappointing experience. After 4 phone calls to - NO RESOLUTION RECEIVED The order was confirmed at 1:37pm 12/20/2012. did not process the order under 6:18pm the following day. did not ship the order until 8:49pm 12/26/2012. The initial delays caused the order to run into subsequent weather delays in transit. The order rattled around the UPS for 2 days until delivery was made. Upon receipt the... Read more

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